Clock Repairs


When your mechanical clock is no longer running, we can help get it back into shape. We have a whole second floor dedicated to clock repairs. Years of experience and knowledge passed down from master craftsman mean that your clock is taken care of properly.

All our repair work is done in-house, not shipped somewhere else. Our store has won numerous awards from the Horological Association of Virginia for our work, and has been teaching the next generation to continue the trade.

Estimates are free in the store, so see the bottom of this page about bringing in your clock for a diagnosis while you wait.

Common Movement Issues

What are some common issues that require repairs, and how are those problems solved?


Worn Out Bearings Surfaces

Eventually, all mechanical clocks will experience wear at the points that gears pivot inside the plates of movement. This is resolved by precisely drilling and replacing these worn holes with brand new bushing inserts that allow the gears to continue spinning like new. Servicing your clock movement every 2-3 years will help prevent this kind of wearing and add years to your clock's movement.

Broken Mainspring

Springs inside a movement compress and decompress to provide power, and can eventually snap or break. Springs can be fixed or replaced with new springs.


Worn Gear Tooth or Cracks

As gears grind against each other for decades, they may begin to wear, or even break a tooth. These gears can be fixed, replaced, or even crafted from solid brass from scratch.